by Gates of Nocturne

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Something old, Something New


released July 20, 2014

All songs performed by Ian Fordham
All songs except "Borderland" written by Ian Fordham
"Borderland" originally written by Tomoyuki Nakazawa and performed by Mami Kawada



all rights reserved


Gates of Nocturne Salt Lake City, Utah

Instrumental (mostly) with a ton of odd time signatures, low tunings, and the occasional electronica tune.

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Track Name: Nightfall (Vocal Cut)
I can't remember what was lost that night
I can't take this away
You know I've tried to
I can't remember a time without you
I can't remember being here, despite you
Do you remember?
Do you remember me?

Do you remember what you said that night?
Do you still feel the same?
I know that I do
Do you remember the darkest nightfall?
Do you remember anything at all?
Do you remember?
Do you remember me?
Track Name: Borderland
We have always stood on the borderland
I am enjoying the view from here
Eenie, meenie, minie, moe,
Much the same

We have always stood on the borderland
I am enjoying the view from here
from here

Pike or shield? You know I don't want to lose
But I also can't risk hurting you
Take the pike, and feel the power running through
There's no more going back for us two
So whose side are you on?

Don't want to know - These memories tie me down
Don't want to know - The love's a little late
Don't want to know - There is no kindness here

We have always stood on the borderland
so extend your arms, and keep balance
It's time to fly as high as you've ever dared.

We will try to save this reality
And the dream we carry on our wingless backs
March ever on
Reality and dream

Black or white? Broken futures await
Run by powers known as justice and hate
Lies remain lies while the colors fade
It seems to me that the gears of fate
Will turn ever on

You're telling me - This is a feast of hatred
You're telling me - To know truth is a crime
You're telling me - This honesty's a trap

We have always stood on the borderland
So let's kiss the wind and have a dance
It's time to smile while we are still alive

And no matter what this world has in store
There is something here for you to learn at least
And you will find
Reality and dream